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Our aim here at Pass Functional Skills’ Courses and Exams is to ensure that you are fully informed of everything regarding the courses and exams available for Functional Skills. Our focus has been to ensure that you have the best chance possible in passing your Functional Skills Exam. Courses and Exams will cover both Level 1 and Level 2 Maths and English. Ensuring that you are fully informed regarding the different levels, and subjects for Functional Skills. So you can make the most informed choice regarding what is best for your situation. We will go through all of this individually. Going through each individual exam and course type, as well as both subjects for each. Ensuring that you can easily find the information you are seeking. Our qualifications are recognized by most, if not all universities and employers. As our exams meet the criteria set out by the UK government. You can be assured that you have made the correct choice regarding taking your exam with us.

We also will be covering the courses and exams for our GCSE Maths and English. Which is slightly different from Functional Skills as that is an equivalent. While GCSE is the exact same as the qualification received at the end of high school. Giving you the benefit of choosing if you want to just get the equivalent to a PASS grade with Functional Skills. Or the opportunity to get a higher grade with the GCSE exams.

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The exam board that you will choose to sit with is not important in terms of exam difficulty. As the exams will roughly be the same across the board. As all of the exams will be covering the same curriculum. The only real difference will be the cost of the exam, the dates you can book the exam for, and the time it takes to receive your results. We here at Pass Functional Skills work with a multitude of different exam boards. Ensuring that you will have a good amount of choice. Helping you choose the exam board that will best suit your individual situation.

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